Staff Bio

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Chai preference: Rose 

Danesha has always been drawn to the food service industry. She’s taken full advantage of San Francisco’s food-tech vanguard, interning in kitchens like Zygna’s. She even plans to run her own food business in the future. 


#1 Chai: “all flavors” (Masala, if has to pick)

Our resident bike-enthusiast, he keeps the spirit of the owner’s original chai cart alive by biking around everywhere. Occasionally, he dabbles in bike messaging when he’s not serving up chai at the carts. He’s also lived all over the world and speaks many different languages. One thing he’s always enjoyed everywhere he’s been: a hot cup of chai.



Flavor preference: Malt

Who needs extra sugar in your chai when you have someone as sweet as Adrienne serving it? She loves talking to people and getting to know them as much as she loves chai. You can strike up conversation with her on the weekends at our Mission cart location or at local stores where she’s offering up samples.


Favorite flavor: Malt

Don’t be fooled by her size. Janelle is machine: a chai-tin making and spice blending machine to be exact. She helps handcraft all our tin products, in addition to grinding and mixing spices that go into your cup of chai! She’s currently studying nutrition in school and has even researched and presented on the nutritional content of our chai!


Fav Flav: a mix of Masala and Ginger (boasts she was first to innovate flavor mixing)

Our operations manager, responsible for the smooth running of the business, from tracking inventory to designing the monthly newsletter, she does what's necessary to help the owner maintain and grow the business. Before her professional chai brewing days, she loved making chai to sustain her friends with caffeine in college. She hopes for a day when tea is appreciated as much as coffee in the US. 


Choice of chai Malt + Ginger

If your cafe or office is expecting a chai delivery, we entrust it in the safe care of Sam. He’s a master of navigating the Financial District’s labyrinth of one-way streets, so expect a speedy delivery as well. Always smiling, he is often approached for light conversation at the cart, from tea to soccer: two of Sam’s passions, which he credits from having British parents. 


Favorite chai: Ginger (with extra ginger!)

An avid filmmaker and self-proclaimed artist, Gameli is always suggesting creative ideas for the business. When he’s not fulfilling his latest video game addiction, he’s crafting nonprofit business plans to form “a gentler world that’s equal for all”. 


Go-to chai flavor: Masala

It’s no surprise that Karan’s our star employee in the kitchen, as he’s a well-seasoned chef at home. While waking up before 6 am to brew chai, may deter many chaiwallas from preferring the morning shift, Karan is always eager to rise to early. Why? To beat the after-work crowds at the gym.