February 2013

  • Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered!

    Every day we get tons of questions from customers about chai, how we run our business, how we got started, etc. So I’ve decided to answer some of those frequently asked questions in this post.

    1.     Where do you make the chai?

    We brew fresh chai once in the morning and once in the afternoon at a shared commercial kitchen in the Mission. This means waking up early to bring you the freshest and best artisan chai that San Francisco has to offer.

    2.     Is your chai already sweetened?

  • Our Blog Redux!!

    Welcome to the revival of The Chai Cart’s blog! This is Homaira and I will be writing the blog for Paawan. Here, we’ll keep you updated on events, pictures, answers to your questions, instructional videos, and basically anything we think is cool. That’s a pretty persuasive argument to keep reading, right?