Loose Teas and Spice Blend

Black Teas

Our black loose tea blends are made with organic and fair-trade black tea from some of the finest tea estates in Assam, India. The tea from this region is known for its boldness and is best suited to make chai (tea with milk). All are teas are handcrafted with freshly milled whole spices.

The traditional Masala Chai is our signature blend of fine black Assam tea and seven spices. This rich, bold black tea blend has a magnificent taste and aroma and will transport you to the streets of India with just one sip. Best with milk and sugar.

The Mint Chai is an herbal blend of fine black Assam tea, mint, ginger and lemongrass. This unique blend is bold and refreshing.Enjoy with or without milk.

Green Teas

Kashmiri Chai is an exotic blend of green tea, spices and almonds. This is the traditional tea from the region of Kashmir and a great alternative to Masala Chai.

Spice Blend

This is our signature Masala spice blend, without the tea. The seven spices we use are known for their culinary flavors and therapeutic qualities. It is a perfect for making Masala Chai, but it can also be used to make mulled wine, stews and desserts. Chai gelato anyone?