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Would you like some tea with your sugar?

I've heard many people say that one of the main reason they don’t drink chai is b’coz it is way too sweet. This is true if the only chai you’ve had is at cafes. Most cafes use a chai concentrate as a base to make their chai or chai latte - which is always loaded with sugar. I looked for unsweetened chai mixes, but didn’t come across any. I started to wonder why that was the case. There could be several reasons; here are the most likely ones:

"Art of Chai" class

The best cup of chai is one that you make - as you will make it just the way you like it.

We offer classes that provide a deeper understanding of chai - its history and cultural roots, methods of preparation, and how to choose its main components – tea, spices, milk.     

Chai - the way it should be

Having grown up in India, "chai" is hard-wired in my brain to mean steeped black tea and milk. Sugar and spices are optional, though commonly added. However, here in the US, “chai” has morphed into something else. Increasingly, it is presented as black tea with spices like ginger, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom.

A new year, a new resolution

Like so many, every year I make resolutions on New Year's Eve. And every year, I think this year would be the year I actually stick to my resolutions after the first few weeks. We all know how the story goes...we've all been there. This year, I am setting goals instead of making abstract resolutions.

To Joel, with love

For the past week, the Indian community in the US has been enraged by Joel Stein's article in TIME - My Own Private India.

Many, including Kal Penn, have penned their responses. Being brown and a "passive activist", I decided to join the others and also write a response. The best way to counter attack satire is by satire…so forgive my first and amateurish attempt.

A new life, a new world

The Magic Carry Kart and the Creme Brulee cart - carts by the two brothers who started the street food phenomena in San Francisco - are planning their 1 year anniversary next week on March 6. And with my birthday approaching in couple of days, I paused to think about the last 12 months. The Chai Cart is almost 7 months old. My present life or rather lifestyle bears no resemblance to my life before I started The Chai Cart.


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