A new year, a new resolution

Like so many, every year I make resolutions on New Year's Eve. And every year, I think this year would be the year I actually stick to my resolutions after the first few weeks. We all know how the story goes...we've all been there. This year, I am setting goals instead of making abstract resolutions.

Goal # 1. Do yoga at least 12 times this year. I know 12 seems like a small number....but it is far greater than 1 (which is the # of time i did yoga in 2010 based on the resolution "start doing yoga").
Goal # 2. Reach and maintain the same fitness level as of 2009. Note, the goal is to do with fitness, rather then weight.
Goal # 3. Write a blog entry 12 times this year. And i'll be sure to give an update on my resolutions every quarter.

Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy 2011!