Let's Go Warriors!

Hats off to the Golden State Warriors this season. It’s been an enduring 20 years since they’ve reached the NBA finals, and you can tell the Bay Area is prouder than ever. The city is a sea of blue and yellow and the team’s most popular player and point guard, Stephen Curry is probably getting more attention than the newest local, organic granola. :P The Academy of Sciences has even named a penguin after him! So we thought we might as well make a chai in honor of him and the success of the Warriors: introducing our Curry Chai!

Letter To Our Customers

 It’s been an exciting 2 years since we opened up our first cart at 545 Market St. The support we got from our early customers confirmed my belief that SF really needed good chai! Since then I have opened up 2 other carts downtown, at 298 Market St and 480 California St. Nothing makes me happier than to see customers, like you, return on a regular basis to get chai. I hope the love, passion and pride with which we make our chai every day comes through in every cup.

Spice it up!

If variety is the spice of life, then our Masala chai definitely gives it all its zest. Our signature Masala spice blend has an array of tastes, ranging from the floral, sweet and aromatic notes from cardamom to the licorice taste of the fennel and the spicy, woody tones from dried ginger and black peppercorns. Not only do these spices provide an abundance of flavor, they’re brimming with powerful antioxidants and various healing properties.

Here are a few facts I dug up on some of the spices we use in our Masala chai.



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